Taimi Arvidson Finds The Heart Behind Innovation
Taimi Arvidson Finds The Heart Behind Innovation

Taimi Arvidson Finds The Heart Behind Innovation

Human connection is a powerful motivator for innovation and change. Behind every piece of tech lies a deeply human story. Director Taimi Arvidson worked closely with real Comcast employees to discover those stories in a new series.


Designed With Love - Kunle — Taimi Arvidson

The multi-part campaign provides a glimpse into the profound connection between technology and emotion. These stories range from a loving father seeking to amplify his child's voice, to a son yearning to reconnect with his dad through shared passion for their favorite game. The common thread is clear between each film, everything is designed with love.

Taimi Arvidson was brought into the process early by the team at 72andSunny New York to story produce and conduct in-depth pre-interviews with the employees. She collaborated closely with the agency team to help shape the creative approach for each individual film and inform the visuals based on those interviews. Taimi specializes in bringing a documentary sensibility to a commercial setting to ensure that authenticity is always honored, like incorporating genuine details and photographs from the employees throughout.

"From the beginning of developing our stories, our goal was to forge a bond with the employees and their families, answering questions and allowing them to feel part of the process of telling their own story before we even stepped on set."

- Taimi Arvidson

The campaign debuted locally during the Super Bowl in Washington DC and Philadelphia. In total the campaign spans the stories five employees, and the full suite of deliverables included the long-form films, which are available on Comcast’s YouTube and social media, as well as broadcast :60 and :30 cuts, and dozens of shorter social variations.

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