Only good days with the Sun Bum gang
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Only good days with the Sun Bum gang

Only good days with the Sun Bum gang

Skip the meeting, ditch the phone, get outside. Directed by Miko Lim, our new collaboration with Sun Bum serves as a reminder that every day can be a good day, especially when it's spent under the sun.

Since 2010, Sun Bum has been on a mission to promote skin health through quality sun care products that allow people to get out and do what they love. In fact, they've even adopted the slogan "We don't care if you use ours, just wear sunscreen." That's exactly the kind of brand Farm League likes to get into business with, and a long-time mutual admiration for one another finally aligned in an upbeat and uplifting film campaign collaboration.

The "Good Days Daily" campaign encourages people to break up the routine by getting out and getting after it. As an avid climber and surfer, Miko Lim knows and understands the sentiment behind the campaign messaging well. 

Sun Bum

Good Days Daily — Miko Lim

"I really connected with the idea of “Don’t ask. Get after it.” It’s fun-loving and irreverent. With the films, I wanted to add a feeling of togetherness and friendship to that sentiment — the feeling of having your best friends along for the ride."

- Miko Lim

The visuals are an energized blend of mixed media - combining digital, film, collage and varying analog camera movements to convey a sense of familiarity as if a friend was behind the camera partaking in the frenzy. With an ambassador roster full of unique characters and good-day-having enthusiasts, the films feature real surfers, artists, photographers and more. 

And we'd be remiss if we didn't give a special shout out to newly crowned Pipe Pro champ, Caity Simmers...

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