Director Taimi Arvidson joins the Farm League team!
Director Taimi Arvidson joins the Farm League team!

Director Taimi Arvidson joins the Farm League team!

Director Taimi Arvidson is known for crafting powerful, visceral, textured human stories for documentaries, television series, and commercials.

Graduating with a dual degree in Journalism and International Affairs, Taimi has always felt compelled to tell important narratives. She honed her skills in non-fiction filmmaking and developed her directorial style of combining human storytelling with stunning visuals. Finding her niche in developing tough-access projects from scratch, Taimi’s films have placed her in thrilling situations all over the world. From being arrested on a Greenpeace boat by the Norwegian Coast Guard, to sleeping on the Greenland Ice Sheet, to standing next to Elon Musk at a rocket launch, her work is full to the brim with adventure.

"Finding the sweet spot between narrative, unscripted, and cinematic has always been our North star, and Taimi embodies that perfectly. Empathy is central to her character and it shows in her work - you can tell she really respects and cares about the people she films. She’s an incredible creative mind with a point of view and a story to tell.” 

- Tim Lynch, Farm League Founder

Taimi has worked on a wide variety of projects and platforms, including a Sesame Street-commissioned PSA filmed in Bangladesh documenting a young Rohingya girl who lost her uncle during a genocide, and most recently a project commissioned by the International Olympics Committee for the 2022 Winter Olympics featuring speedskater Erin Jackson and Alpine skier William Flaherty, which aired on The Olympics Channel and their social platforms. Taimi’s style skillfully captures the intricacies of developing characters and building emotion organically throughout a narrative arc.

“The delightful duality to Farm League's work - perfectly balancing deep authenticity and ambitious visuals - has always engaged me. It’s raw, cinematic, playful, serious, creative, and emotional – all at once. When I finally met the wizards behind the curtain, they exceeded my hopes: more than just talented minds with vision and impeccable taste, they were also collaborative, big-hearted folks.” 

- Taimi Arvidson

Other notable projects under her belt include an episode for one the first docuseries from Apple TV+, ‘Home’, which premiered at the 2020 SXSW film festival, a short film for Red Bull’s award-winning ‘Way of the Wildcard’ series, and her recent short film, ‘Built Wild’, which is a car ad shown through the uninhibited female gaze. She also directed for the National Geographic Channel series ‘Mars’, which was nominated for an International Documentary Association (IDA) Award for Best Episodic Series, and called “visually gorgeous” by The New Yorker. 

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