Director David Findlay joins the Farm League family
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Director David Findlay joins the Farm League family

Director David Findlay joins the Farm League family

Farm League welcomes Paris-based writer/director David Findlay to the team! He brings a body of film work steeped in human emotion and authenticity.

Originally from Quebec City, David's teenage aspirations of snowboarding glory were cut short by injury, propelling him toward a career in filmmaking. He made a fast entrance into the industry by quickly building a portfolio of short films, commercial and branded work, and music video projects that are all characterized by his unique film language. His films delve deep into the human experience, seamlessly blurring the lines between fiction and reality while exploring the intricate nuances of relationships and life's moments.

David's narrative short film, 'Lay Me By the Shore,' perfectly embodies his approach. It's reflective, poetic, and poignant, with first-time actors who bring earnest emotion to their performances. Watch the full film and learn more HERE. 'Lay Me By the Shore' went on to win Silver this year at the prestigious Cannes Young Directors Awards. This accolade adds to David's growing list of honors, which includes being named the Vimeo Breakout Creator of the Year in 2022, selection in SHOOT Magazine's esteemed New Directors Showcase, and a Silver win at the Shots Awards for New Director of the Year.

“David’s short film 'Lay Me By the Shore' is a beautifully told emotional story about a group of high school friends reckoning with a heavy situation. It feels honest while taking the audience into the world of these teenagers. After seeing it, I knew I wanted to work with him." 

- Tim Lynch, Farm League Founder

David's most recent project, a mesmerizing music video for singer and professional skateboarder Austyn Gillette's latest single, "Leaning Into Your Palms," serves as a testament to his ability to capture the essence of human connection. The short film-music video hybrid features French actress Agathe Rouselle, who starred in Cannes Palm d'Or winning film Titane.

"I'm eager for more challenges in my future work, for projects that take on complex emotions and themes, and for me to render them simply, poignantly and with a lot of heart, leaving a lasting impression."

- David Findlay

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